Research and field trials by the ADMS Team has identified that the outage challenges that Utilities face in managing their Smart Grids include

1.Fault Detection – permanent and intermittent faults on all network types to minimise outages and reduce regulatory fines by monitoring:

  • Frequency and ROCOF (Rate of Change of Frequency)
  • Voltage and Current amplitude variations.
  • Short Interruptions.
  • Load/mean value of power and current
  • Customers Interruptions (CI) and Customer Minutes Lost (CML).

2.Power Quality – identify early network loads and customers who are causing quality of supply issues, and who can be penalised.

3.Regulatory Compliance – identify ‘at risk’ network parameter breaches and facilitate compliance reporting.

4.Renewable Energy Management – identify potential network stability issues and support renewable energy

5.Network Capacity Demand Management – Identify network ‘hot spots’ and support annual capacity
management planning.

An Active Distribution System Management system addresses all of these to quickly detect, locate and correct outages with mass deployment of low-cost MV/LV monitoring units with local fault detection/reporting and central processing, to provide:

  1. Fault Location Identification for System Restoration (FLISR),
  2. State Estimation,
  3. Load Forecasting,
  4. Power Control,
  5. Power Quality Evaluation,
  6. Utility KPIs for quality of service evaluation.

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