Just a week to go to the workshop on “Managing Smart Grids” that will be held from 1400-1700 on Monday, 4th June 2018, at DEI – Department of Electric, Electronic and Information Engineering, Università Di Bologna, Viale del Risorgimento, 2 , 40136, Bologna, Italy, Room – Aula Magna.

The workshop will provide discussion and insights on the future management of Smart Grids, based on sharing and feedback from the innovative pilots being undertaken by Utilities in Italy, Ireland and Germany .

The pilots, which are part of the ADMS and SOGNO EU Horizon 2020 projects, include:

1. An Irish pilot that is focused on supporting capacity management and planning on the changing customer demands in the areas of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), eHeat and eTransport, and the increasing stress it is placing on the distribution network assets, with the aim of creating a viable alternative investment model with grid monitoring to the traditional increased copper asset investment.

2. An Italian pilot that is evaluating low-cost mPMU technology and a novel power frequency synchronisation algorithm, along with network state estimation, as a means of improving network stability and the operational performance and efficiency of the MV distribution network.

3. A Campus Smartgrid in Germany, that offers an operational MV/LV test bed for the ADMS sensors, devices and Network Management System (NMS). All of the devices are programmed to continuously send measurements to the cloud based NMS in order to run state estimation and other network management functionalities. It is expected that over dimensioning the amount of sensors with regards to what is strictly needed for ADMS operation will allow better evaluation of the operational performance of ADMS. Furthermore, modelling of the campus smart grid network in the Real Time Digital Simulator will provide further insight on the performance of the ADMS solution.

4. A Germany region-wide pilot that is focused on assessing the performance and ability of the Arti?cial Neural Networks (ANN) state estimation of the ADMS NMS to predict congestion states before an MV network topology changing switch is executed by the network operator. The trial emphases the building and training of the ANN platform to the existing network topology and using historically captured data from existing monitoring units supplied by the operator.

This Bologna Energy Day Event is part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018.

More Information  or  Contact: Alessandro Mingotti, Tel: +39 3490980966