The SOGNO (Service Oriented Grid for the Network of the Future) EU project ( ) predicts that the key evolution of Smart Grids in the coming decades will be virtualization bringing a revolution in data architectures. This will be the second Internet Protocol (IP) revolution in grid automation. IEC61850 brought the IP into grid automation, 5G is now restructuring the architecture for the second time opening a world of virtualised systems with an incredible impact on the overall cost of operating a Smart Grid.



This will extend the current state-of-the-art Active Management of ADMS to enable Utilities to implement virtualised substation automation and grid surveillance using cloud-based algorithms and 5th generation mobile networks for distribution grid communication. Leading to:

       Dramatically reduced digitalising costs for every Utility,

       Solve time-critical issues such as protection and fault localisation.

       Removal of concerns in terms of development of proper internal ICT skills.

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