For a typical medium-sized European DSO with.

  • Turnover of 1B and operational Profits of 30%.
  • RES increasing to 40%,

Network issues and outages have the potential to reduce this profit by 25%, i.e. at least 70m of operational profits lost every year.

An Active Distribution Management System enables a distribution Smart Grid that can cut those losses by 20%, i.e. save 14m/year.  Potential profit impact of the Active Distribution System Management system on a DSO could be about 70m over 5 years.

To restore that 70M profitability, the DSO would need to monitor at least half of its ground based MV/LV substations (say 20,000). Over 5 years, at an average cost of 1,500 to equip each substation, the Active Distribution Management System installations would cost about 15M.

An amazing ROI > 450% for the DSO ! if the cost target per substation can be achieved !

The ADMS Active Distribution Management System achieves those cost targets and allows a DSO to increase its Smart Grid Capacity.

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