The Smart Grid will address the major shortcomings of the existing grid. In essence, it will provide utility companies with full visibility and control over their assets and services. The Smart Grid will be able to identify, locate and isolate a fault faster and thereby allow the utility provider to perform the repair more quickly. This will significantly lower downtime for the end customers and lower the costs for the grid operators. Transformation in the management of distribution grids is leading to the introduction of Smart Grids that provide*:

  • more efficient transmission of electricity
  • quicker restoration of electricity after power disturbances
  • Reduced operations and management costs for Utilities, and ultimately lower power costs for consumers
  • Reduced peak demand, which will also help lower electricity rates
  • Increased integration of large-scale renewable energy systems
  • Better integration of customer-owner power generation systems, including renewable energy systems
  • Improved security

An Active Management System allows a utility company to increase its Smart Grid Capacity. Download our ebook  to find out how to transform your distribution grid.