19Feb 2018

Research by the ADMS Team has identified that the challenges that Utilities face in managing their Smart Grids include Capacity Demand Measurement, Regulatory Compliance, Fault Monitoring / Detection, Renewable Energy Management Network Power Quality. An appropriate Active Distribution System Management system could address all of these to provide: Fault Location Identification for System Restoration (FLISR) […]

06Feb 2018

The Smart Grid will address the major shortcomings of the existing grid. In essence, it will provide utility companies with full visibility and control over their assets and services. The Smart Grid will be able to identify, locate and isolate a fault faster and thereby allow the utility provider to perform the repair more quickly. […]

08Nov 2017

The benefits for DSOs provided by ADMS include: (1) Improved network stability, capacity and increasing RES penetration integration with reduced grid inertia (2) Cost effective tools, fast and a complete Active Distribution Management Solution, (3) Innovative cost competitive solutions and (4) A mass deployable cost-effective solution right to the grid edge. A critical challenge for […]